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ART is in the  Eye of the Beholder

That being said, - today we can explore the multitude of expressions within our creative spirits. We are entering the Age of Aquarius whereupon Abstract is and will become even more so placed in the forefront of our Collectors.

The NFT market has opened for an entire New Generation of art expression and where Crypto Punks have gone - we can go!


NFT ART is already hot and reaching the generation of crypto investors, - our younger generation which understands where we are heading over the next decade and beyond. Even auction houses like Christie's and Sothesby's have joined this new age. Physical galleries will most likely never completely die out - hopefully not! - but digital galleries are definitely powering up. To much of that, we can point to Covid's lock-down which has allowed this to skyrocket.

I have pursued art since a very young age, though my life has been dynamically busy - it only allowed me phases  of on and off  with some  in-between time-allotment until 2017 where I chose to embed it into my daily life. I have explored most mediums: oils, acrylics, ceramics, alcohol inks, inks, mosaics, glass, encaustic wax. Digital Art came in later, around 2017 when I found this and couldn't stop myself. Like a dog to a bone, I'd create up to 12, sometimes 15 hours a day.

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